04/18/04: Quick update: found copies of previously corrupted images.

Ughh. I just took a look at this page and apologize to all for the really yucky text. This file was yanked off a drive going belly up and the text was corrupted in the process...This was, oh, maybe a year ago, and only now I'm getting around to fixing it...

Note: actual images are quite large (1600x1200) and roughly ~500K. Clicking on the 'thumbnail' will give you the actual image

Note, the following instructions are AT YOUR OWN RISK. I take no blame for your actions, or for any inaccuracies of these instructions. Does this void your warranty? Oh probably...

Disassembly instructions:

  1. Back up anything you care about--- you shouldn't lose anything, but better safe than sorry
  2. Remove battery cover, and battery
  3. Remove any CF or SD cards
  4. Remove screen protector
  5. Remove stylus
  6. Remove two tiny screens from each side of the keyboard cover (4 screws total)
  7. Slide out keyboard cover
  8. The keyboard cover at this point is held in place by two pins set into a small piece of metal (which is what the screws take out above screwed into). With the cover slid out, you can see the piece of metal from underneath, and right next to the hole left by one of the screws, you can see one of the two pins. You need to pry the side out to disengage those two pins. Be careful prying. You don't need to pry it out very far to disengage those pins though. Pry out too far and you will end up with a keyboard cover that doesn't attach to your Z anymore... You only need to pry out one side, as you can then lift that side up up and disengage the other side easily.
  9. There is a small black piece of plastic to keep track of (one on each side). It only fits in one way, and should be obvious where is fits. It is this piece that keeps you from sliding the keyboard cover off completely.
  10. Remove screws hiding underneath: lower-right front of Z
  11. Remove all the other screws you can see (3 in battery area, 2 on top edge of Z, 1 on left side)
  12. Now for the 'hard' part. Go slow, don't force anything. You need to seperate the front from the back, which is held in place by friction and several small 'clips'. There are roughly 3 clips to a side, none on the top or bottom. I found it was easier to start on the lower left (ie by the battery switch), go up that side, across the top and down the other taking my time, just wiggling until the clips disengaged. I didn't have to pry or force. Note, the upper right corner (by the phone jack) is a tight corner to seperate because of the wire for the front light. The Z is like a clam shell with neither the front or the back being attached to the main board/lcd itself. Two other things to note: the phone jack sticks though the hole, so pay attention when pulling there. Also, the LCD front light, while not attached to the front piece, wedges in on the left-side, in the middle. Pay close attention there too.
  13. Seperating the components (main board, LCD) is pretty easy once you have the case apart, but be careful when seperating the LCD as the ribbon cables are tight, and the connectors easy to break. Note: The long LCD connector flips up. The short LCD connectov pulls out, and the SD card connector flips up. If you do take the LCD off, pay close attention to how the wires route for the front light-- they only fit one way, and trying to figure out that way after you've already taken it off won't be alot of fun.
  14. Assembly is the reverse
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Overly bright, but shows chip IDs quite clearly "Top" half view of main board (side facing LCD panel). Right is top of Z, left is bottom. Brown/Tan connector is for LCD. Chip right about the left end of the connector (LZ9...) is the LCD controller chip. White chip is actually viewable though a 'hole' in the LCD. Shine a bright light on your LCD while off and you'll see what I mean. Left, middle chip (green border) is the CPU. Two chips above are memory. Straight below the silver tube next to the white chip should be the Audio Codec chip. "Bottom" half view of main board (side facing LCD). Silver and gold pads are for the keyboard keys. The two black and gold looking things along right edge are swipes for the hardware keys. "Top" half view, back side. CF slot on the left. White connector near top is for SD slot and circuits (removed and not pictured). "Bottom" half view, back side. Obvious where the battery sits. Upper right switch is the 'backup-battery' switch, lower right the plug for the charger
thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb
Fuzzy close up of serial/usb connector Middle view @ angle of back side. Fuzzy close up of CPU Close up of middle of front side Fuzzy close up of lower-middle front side
thumb thumb      
Picture from an unknown source. Hardware keys on left, upside down. Lower right component is SD slot & circuits. Upper right is back side of LCD, with ribbon connector (brown) and front-lighting (white and pink wires). Things to note: dots on chips are different color. LCD connector is broke :( Picture from an unknown sowrce. LCD on,left, front light is white strip attached to it. Lower left board is SD slot. Back light circuits are laying on top of main LCD (attached to white & pink wires, thin but long)